Since 1945 New Braunfels Smokehouse has been a family owned company.

It’s well known in this small river town as the place to go to get some of the best hickory smoked meats.

"We started out in the ice business. The cold storage business, and eventually we grew into doing deer processing," New Braunfels Smokehouse, Vice President and General Manager, Mike Dietert said.

The company later switching their focus to meat processing.

"We do a full line of smoked meats," Dietert said. "We do everything from the beef jerky, the sausages, the turkeys, smoked ham, spiral sliced ham."

At their plant, it's all still done the same way. Each piece of meat is trimmed by hand.

Products like their beef jerky are peppered and then hung from combs before they head to the smokers.

"We use natural hickory for the smoke. Hickory sawdust. 9:58 that comes in from east Texas," Dietert said.

After five to six hours of cooking, the jerky is sliced, weighed and then bagged.

New Braunfels Smokehouse not only makes their own products but also the meats for several popular convince store chains.

"We process anywhere from around three million pounds [of meat] a year," Dietert said.

While their storefront is still their one outlet to the world, it's their long-standing catalog orders that have kept them going.

"If you order something from us here, you can ship it to Maine or you can ship it to Washington State. It'll be there in two days’ time," Dietert said.

These days the majority of their sales are coming from the internet.

"It's a matter of convenience," Dietert said. "You have so much more freedom and latitude when you are exposed to the World Wide Web.”

Helping this company now in their 71st year to continue on with their tradition of smoking traditional Texas meats.

"We pride in using good old fashioned recipes to make a super quality type product. It's not your traditional thing that you would see in the supermarket. It's a little bit more expensive, but it's a better quality," Dietert said.