SAN ANTONIO-- A mother’s favorite recipe has turned into a growing business. Wildflower Caramels is churning out some creative takes on the melt-in-your-mouth candy.

Reach in for something sweet and pull out a classic candy.

“We’ll just get people who say, 'Oh my goodness, my grandmother used to make caramels and this just reminds me so much of them,'“ Wildflower Caramels owner Elyn Dixon said.

Wildflower Caramels started in Dixon's kitchen.

“It just was that way; gifts for friends and family for three, four years and then I started getting requests for orders,” Dixon recalled.

Her favorite recipe of apple cider caramels is blossoming into a family business.

“I told her from the very beginning that she could really sell these,” said Matt Dixon, her husband and business partner.

Wildflower Caramels started with your basics followed by cream and sugar, then boiling to the perfect consistency.

Elyn is even branching out with her flavors, which, like the name, change with the seasons.

“I developed honey espresso, maple bourbon,” Dixon noted. “I really feel like there is a flavor for everyone.”

She pours out each batch then cuts and wraps each candy by hand.

And with demand rising for her artisan caramels, Elyn has expanded to a commercial kitchen.

She sometimes gets so busy that some days the mother of two has to work through nap time.

“A lot of what I do gets done at nap time or on Wednesdays when my mom has the kids," Dixon said. "Or my kids just come with me on deliveries."

Wildflower Caramels is growing thanks to flavor additives like floral and even beer, popping up in coffee shops, farmers markets and now online.

“It’s still kind of like a shock to me that this is something that I’m doing and that people really like it,”

To experience this unique candy yourself, you can check them out at the official website, here: