SAN ANTONIO - A San Antonio couple's candle-making hobby is now "lighting" up a whole new opportunity.

There’s always a candle being lit at the Molinar home.

And if one’s not being burned, then there’s a candle being made.

“We wanted to make gifts for our wedding which is almost 11 years ago now,” Bear & Roo Candle Co., co-owner, Tia Molinar said. “Everyone loved it and every year we started doing more, so we kept doing it until we made it into an officials business.”

In 2015 they took the leap and started Bear & Roo Candle Co.

Keeping it a family affair by naming the company after their two daughters.

“Coming up with the name was hard, but it just kind of struck me,” Tia said. "It’s Chloe Bear and Resse Roo, so it’s their nicknames.”

Each batch starts with Michael Molinar doing the prep work.

“He [Michael] is the prep. He does all the cleaning and wicking of candles,” Tia said.

In the kitchen is where Tia melts down the all-natural soy wax.

Once the wax is heated to 185 degrees it’s pulled off the heat, the fragrance is measured out and then added.

“It really is a great partnership and so we do it together,” Tia said.

The natural soy wax helps give a longer and cleaner burn.

Then comes the filling of the jars with any of their 27 fragrances which Bear and Roo said can fit any personality.

“It is a very artisanal product. Every one is handmade very small batch so that’s what I think makes it special,” Tia said.