SAN ANTONIO - A local shoe artist’s popularity is on the rise thanks to his love for Whataburger.

In his studio, on the second floor of his home, shoe designer Jake Danklef’s custom designs come to life.

Danklef's infatuation with shoes goes way back.

"I started drawing shoes when I was four or five,” Dank Customs, Owner, Deanklef said. "…and mom would send them to Nike."

His own collection of shoes growing over the years.

"This whole wall here is my collection and a lot of these shoes now I never thought I would have," Danklef said.

He started designing kicks as a way to keep up with trends, but still save cash.

"Back then I really wasn't considering spending any large sum of money on shoes. Instead of trying to look for the ones I wanted I would look for a similar shoe, and then paint it to look like it. Then I would call it a poor man's version," Danklef said.

Five years later, Danklef now designs for some of the biggest names out there.

Resulting in his designs being on years of back log.

"Every shoe is a different experience you know every client has a different idea. I make sure that everything I do is one of one,” Danklef said.

These days it’s his custom Whataburger Jordans that is getting him a lot of "hometown attention."

"I think it's one of my most favorite designs of all time. It is great. I grew up eating and loving every trip to Whataburger, so I mean what better for a Texas boy to do than a Whataburger shoe."

A shoe designer on the rise and still all made in San Antonio.

"To take a hobby to a full-time job and be successful is rare,” Danklef said. "It's wild you know. That kind of thing gets me speechless.”