SAN ANTONIO — From the Air Force to entrepreneur, one woman took some of her training to her new business of soap making.

When it came time to stepping away from her role in the Air Force, Katherine Couron, knew she wanted to go into business for herself.

She created a line of handcrafted organic bath and body products.

“It's worth it to get people something they really enjoy," Couron said.

She named the company after her "adopted godfather" William Boyd, who was also a veteran and someone who taught her the meaning of hard work.

"At Boyd’s we are really focused on stories of how people make things the sort of heritage aspect," Couron said.

Boyd's Farm started with a line of natural organic soaps and has now brewed into something bigger. They make the soaps by the loaf and cut and stamp each by hand.

Their line of coffee scrubs also a big seller. The grounds are even sourced from a local coffee shop.

"We actually recycle the grounds the Indy Coffee has already used," Couron said.

Boyd's Farm starts by dehydrating for a better user experience.

"It allows the grounds to really absorb the oil," Couron said.

Then the essential oils are added to complete the whole package.

"We recommend using it once a week head to toe just to clean out the dead skin cells. The exfoliation process," Couron said. "So when you rinse it off you have this great smooth sort of polished feeling on the skin.”

After a year in business, Boyd's Farm is branching out. Soon they will release a line of fragrances that promises to be just as luxurious.