The Intuitive DiVinci Surgical Machine is not a toy. But, seniors from the Health Careers High School got their chance to play around with it Wednesday afternoon at the Christus Santa Rosa Ambulatory Surgical Center.

"This is the top rim for technology," said Renee Edwards with Christus Santa Rosa. "So for them to be a part of that and play on the robot and experience that real life, we thought it would be great."

It was great for students like Natlie Rodriguez. The 17-year-old has wanted to be a physician since she was little.

"I don't come from a family of doctors, I've just always found an interest in helping people," she said.

Putting her face into the optical sensors and using her hands to manipulate robotics arms was scary at first, but after awhile it almost became second nature.

"It was self-explanatory; You move your hand, it moves its little robot arm. It's pretty cool," she said.

Natalie's class held a competition to name the robot, and she won.

"I picked Leo, short for Leonardo," she explained. "It just made me think of Leonardo DaVinci, and he played an important role in human anatomy."