Thousands of fans flocked to Foster Coliseum over the weekend. Not for a rock concert. Or a rodeo or football game. It was for the first ever Comic Con! And if you're thinking cosplay, comic books and characters are a big city thing? Oh, you better think again.

Over 3,000 comic book, movie and video game enthusiasts came from galaxies as far away as California to the first ever San Angelo Comic Con.

One couple decided to take advantage of all those eyes, hoping they'd land on their booth. And, needless to say, they were dressed a lot better than me right now.

"We're different. We're not your average realtor."

They are Robert and Jennifer Pittman. Realtors by day, characters by night -- or in this case, at Comic Con.

"The dressing up part was a no-brainer...Yeah, it's Comic Con."

It all started when they got involved in a "trunk or treat" at their church. They dressed up for the kids -- and they have never repeated a costume in 12 years! Leading them to not only make their own costumes...

"I tried to rent a purple suit...and that's impossible."

But their own marketing plan as well.

"I found out there was a Comic Con, and we discussed going and when I was looking up tickets and Robert says,'Why don't we just have a marketing booth?'"

The Pittmans have only been in the real estate business since January. With dozens of competitors, they wanted to find a way to stand out. And being the only realtors at Comic Con...that they did.

Perfecting their alter-egos down to the sales pitch.

"'If you don't want crazy neighbors'...Yeah, that was our shtick...'Call Robert and Jennifer Pittman and they will help you find a house.'"

City staff tell me the promoter has already booked dates for another Comic Con in San Angelo in 2017.