The 2018 Cocktail Conference returns to San Antonio for the seventh year. The event, held at the St. Anthony Hotel, brings mixologists and chefs from around the world.

"Mixology came into being just in the last few years, so it's celebrating that whole craft of bartending and great cocktails," said Debbie Gonzalez, a senior account executive with the hotel.

The cocktail conference grows each year and now calls the St. Anthony Hotel home. The hotel has a rich history.

"The St. Anthony Club was formed in 1958 and it was the most exclusive place to go in San Antonio," said Gonzalez, who is also the hotel historian

The St. Anthony has hosted Hollywood stars, American politicians, international royalty, and even the city's elite. The hotel quickly became the “it” spot for cocktail connoisseurs. In their chic lounge called Haunt, they have Texas-inspired libations.

"One of the drinks is called the lavender lady, named after the lavender lady because she lived on the mezzanine level of the hotel where the cocktail conference central is today," Gonzalez noted.

There may be no real lavender lady at the hotel, but there have been some big-name guests.

"President Johnson and Lady Bird came and had dinner here at the hotel. John Wayne also stayed here when he filmed The Alamo," Gonzalez explained.

You can take advantage of the dozens of events over the next three days, not just for the drinks, food, and fun, but also because it’s for charity.

"We raise money for children's charities,” Gonzalez said. “So we've been able to give away half a million dollars over the last couple of years."