Law enforcement from around Texas gathered at the Bandera Gun Club for the Border Security Expo Demonstration Day on Thursday. Agents, including Border Patrol, participated in a shooting competition and several companies from around the country showed off the latest technology in surveillance equipment and weapons.

Agents were judged on speed and accuracy in the shooting competition.

"I know agents on the border face threats every day and from time to time. Agents know that there may come a time when there is a need to draw firearms and defend themselves," said Anthony Cabrera, a Border Patrol agent.

Agents also got to test out some of the newest firearms that they might use on the job.

"There's a renewed interest in border security. There's an anticipation that there's going to be investment made on the border, so that creates a lot of interest in this space and we're seeing that for sure," event director John Moriarty said.

Several companies also showed off their newest surveillance technology. Squire Tech Solutions makes mobile units that can be used for surveillance on the border. The units are equipped with cameras and can monitor a 20-kilometer radius. The cameras use thermal imaging so people monitoring the cameras can see a person moving and whether or not they're armed. The units can cost anywhere from $100,000 to $200,000.

"Our goal here is to get away, do away with the vehicles that have to be manned all the time, costing the taxpayers money and resources, where you can leave these unmanned and they can monitor and, should they see something, that's important. Then they deploy people to handle it," said Michael Zalle, VP of Squire Tech Solutions.