Selena Quintanilla's sister, Suzette, said she played a role in creating the star honoring the late Tejano icon on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

She helped lay Selena's name into the cement early in the process.

"It meant the world to me," Quintanilla told Pero Like in a video posted to Facebook.

She said that right after Selena passed away, fans started asking for a Walk of Fame star. However, she said it can be a long process before actually seeing it happen.

"I don't know how we got to 22 years later, but we're here. I think now is the perfect time. I think we have millennials who are now discovering Selena and understanding who she is as a Latina and a role model," Quintanilla said.

While she did start to cry during the interview, she also said she was happy and excited to reach this milestone.

"I clearly wish she was here with me. I wish she was the one lifting up that star and seeing the mark she made on this world," Quintanilla said.