It's morphin' time!

Everybody's favorite show about American actors being replaced by Japanese stock footage of actual fights is bringing a convention to the Alamo City.

I kid, of course. The last movie was pretty legit, bringing proper action to the spirit of a show that was a big part of people's lives, especially if they grew up in the mid-90's.

The “Morphinominal Expo” will be held on September 2 and 3 at the Wonderland of Americas Mall.

Among the people scheduled to make appearances are Andrew Gray (Power Rangers Megaforce Red Ranger), Reggie Rolle (Lost Galaxy Green Ranger), Justin Nimmo (Silver Ranger from Power Rangers in Space), and Amy Rolle (Trakeena, the villainess from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy).

There will be panels, cosplay competitions, and other prizes awarded to attendees.