March 16 might as well be declared Stone Cold Steve Austin Day because, if you follow someone on social media who's a pro wrestling fan, the "Texas Rattlesnake" will inevitably show up in your feed every year on this day.

It's particularly special in South Texas, as Stone Cold was born in Austin, grew up in Victoria, and now makes his home just south of San Antonio.

To this day, you can't go to a WWE event anywhere in the world without seeing someone wearing an "Austin 3:16" shirt, all because of this iconic moment at the end of the 1996 King of the Ring tournament.

It was an inspired moment that still brings chills to wrestling fans today. In a few sentences, Austin went from WWE superstar to global icon, whose character transcended the wrestling world as it stood that day and helped grow the WWE into the brand it is today.

Austin still gets huge pops from every crowd wherever he appears, some of the largest coming at Wrestlemania XXX in New Orleans and Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas.

And while Austin's personality, matches, trucks, ATVs, beer hoses, and titles are all part of his legacy, the biggest part will always be those fateful words uttered at the MECCA Arena in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 23, 1996.