Before you hop in the car to head to a Fiesta event, you'd better know where to park.

Every year the San Antonio Police Department says it receives complaints from Fiesta goers about crooks taking advantage of people when they park.

"We have seen people out here who have tried to put on a vest and pretend to be a tenant of that property and charge people money to park at that location," SAPD Officer Douglas Greene said.

During big events, it's not uncommon for some homeowners to turn their yards into parking lots.
If you choose to give them business, make sure you've got the right person.

"Some people will go out there, they'll charge you, charge a couple people for a few minutes, they'll leave, then the next thing you know, tow trucks are coming to tow your vehicle away," Officer Greene said.

SAPD recommends that people use VIA's park and ride service.

Fiesta organizers also have a partnership with the ridesharing company Uber. This year, there are designated drop off and pick up spots you can find listed on the Fiesta website.

However, prices for ridesharing can fluctuate when demand is high. The key to saving money without worrying about your vehicle is planning ahead.

"Sit down with your family or your friends and plan it out. 'This is where we're going to go, this is who is going to be the designated driver, this is going to be who's looking after who, this is how our transportation is going to take place,'" Officer Greene said.

And if you do drive to an event, look for established parking lots.

Police say to try to get a receipt from a parking attendant, if possible.

If you have any problems with anyone, give SAPD a call. Click here to see Uber pick-up and drop-off locations, as well as other Fiesta transportation advice.