Every year one of the most anticipated reveals of Fiesta are the medals. We asked you to tell us some of your favorite medals and we got quite the response!

Monday, we looked at another handful of this year's coolest Fiesta medals. Today's list includes several Star Wars franchise medals.

Fiesta Flambeau: Like the parade, this is a light up medal. This year's parade’s theme "City Lights & Celebrations" is also adorned on the medal. You can purchase it at the Fiesta Store for $15.00. The Fiesta Flambeau parade is Saturday, April 29.

Rey Feo: If you find the King you may be able to get your hands on his medal with the traditional Mexican flag ribbon. However, Rey Feo’s specialty medals this year center around the Star Wars franchise with his theme “The Force of Education.” There are 5 special medals in total. The four hanging medals Storm Trooper, The ATAT, Darth Vader and the Tie-Fighter will be given out by only the Rey Feo during Fiesta and he only carries one option a day. The last medal, the Bobba Fett, is for family members, friends, those who have helped the court in a special way, and maybe a select few during Fiesta. The story behind why the Rey Feo chose this is.

Why they’re so coveted—According to Rey Feo you could not buy the Bobba Fett action figure when it was released in 1978. The only way you could get it was to save proof a purchase and send them in. Everyone wanted that figure, including Rey Feo, but it was very difficult to get. The King to the same thing with his Bobba Fett Medal. Only making 200 which are reserved for friends, family, court members, sponsors, dignitaries and a lucky few people who distinguish themselves for their contributions to the community.

Lily’s Cookies: This is a first-ever Fiesta medal for the bakery. You can pick up one up at their location on McCoullough.