Fiesta is officially here and medal mania is in full swing!

Friday we looked at the 2017 medals from St Jude's Ranch for Children, the San Antonio Water System, Alamo Heights Night, and the San Antonio Aids foundation Webb Party.

1) St. Jude's Ranch for Children Texas medal

This year their medal was designed by a little girl that lives on the St. Jude's Ranch. It has the organization's new logo with the slogan 'providing healing and hope' smack dab in the middle. St. Jude's works with children and families that have been through particularly traumatic events. April is also Child Abuse Awareness Month. Support the cause and purchase one of their medals for $10 at their San Antonio and Bulverde locations.

2) San Antonio Water System medal

The San Antonio Water system made sure to work a public service announcement into their 2017 medal. The medal is a glittery toilet with the hashtag #wipesclogpipes. Spread the word with their medal for $10 at Saws Service Center. Money will go to Project Agua that morning that helps those in need with their water bills.

The San Antonio Water System's water conservation website also has a Fiesta medal. It's an adorable garden style medal with plenty of colorful flowers. Order one from their website for $10.

3) Alamo Heights Night medal

This one is representing for the 09'ers! This year marks the 31st anniversary of the Alamo Heights Night. This year's medal has a rotary wheel that spins! The Alamo Heights Night is Friday night at 5:30 p.m. at University of Incarnate Word. All proceeds go to charity and scholarships. Get yours at the Fiesta store on Broadway or Run Wild Sports.

4) San Antonio AIDS foundation Webb Party medal

This year's theme reboots and 80s feel! The San Antonio AIDS Foundation Webb Party is Friday night at 7:30 p.m. a tthe Bonham Exchange. You can get this medal at the Fiesta store.