SAN ANTONIO - Fiesta is officially here and medal mania is in full swing!

The medals on Thursday honor the different branches of the military.

U.S. Air Force/ AETC: This Fiesta Pin represents the 75th anniversary of the Air Education Training Command. It is also used as a recruitment tool. Find an Airmen around town to get your hands on one.

Marines: This medal includes the traditional red and blue colors of the marines as well as the Eagle, Globe and Anchor emblem in gold. Find a marine out at Fiesta to get one!

Navy: This medal sports their traditional colors of the Naval branch which are navy, blue and gold. It also includes a ship’s wheel, the Alamo and state flag that represents the more than 2,000 sailors that call Military City USA home.

Coast Guard: This medal is composed of the Coast Guard’s seal, which represents their proud tradition and missions of the Coast Guard that have been carried out for two centuries. This medal is also being used as a recruitment tool. Find a member of the Coast Guard to get your hands on one and find out more information about this branch.

Military Civilian Club: This medal represents the ten people who will are chosen to represent each branch. Find this medal at the Fiesta Store for $10.

Fiesta Fiesta: The official medal of the Fiesta kickoff event. The winged heart designed by Cathy Peck. You can purchase the medal at the Fiesta Store for $14.

Fiesta Store: This is the official medal of the Fiesta Store located at 2611 Broadway Street and you can purchase it at the store for $5.

KENS 5 will be giving away one of the medals highlighted. To win, go to the KENS 5 app and click on the “Medals Most Wanted Contest” for a chance to win one of the medals shown every morning on air.

Good luck… and VIVA FIESTA!!!