Fiesta is the biggest party in San Antonio and every year hundreds of thousands of people attend Fiesta events, but with that comes security concerns, especially given the fact that many of the events involve alcohol consumption.

"When you get later into the evening, the alcohol seems to sort of set in a little bit more, so you're going to have a little more police presence. You're going to have DWI officers kind of in those areas or those locations to make sure that people are not getting behind the wheel drunk," said Officer Doug Greene with the San Antonio Police Department.

Police say that they plan to have a major police presence at just about all Fiesta events. They will be deploying many on-duty officers to the downtown area and calling in more off-duty officers to beef up their staffing.

"We will have undercover officers in certain areas and we will also have some surveillance, I think one of the first times this year that we will be using video surveillance that are going to be posted up in certain areas like Market Square and NIOSA," Officer Greene noted.

SAPD also says don't be surprised to see officers on roofs of buildings monitoring activity. The Bexar County Sheriff's Office says that they'll also be out in full force, assisting SAPD with anything they may need.

"We're certainly providing uniformed assets as needed, tactical assets as needed, and of course we'll be providing undercover assets if needed. Chief McManus knows that I'm only a phone call away," Sheriff Javier Salazar said.

Both the sheriff's office and SAPD say that anyone looking to have a few drinks should remember to have a plan on how to get home safely.