We're just about two weeks away from Fiesta, but the floats seen at the Battle of Flowers Parade have been in the works for months. Local high schoolers will be riding in some of the most extravagant floats of this year's parade.

KENS 5 wanted to look into the hard work that goes behind making these floats come to life.

This year’s parade theme is “Blazing Trails” and eight local high schools chose their own heritage destinations from around the world, from the Taj Majal, to Paris, and the Great Barrier Reef, all making for a colorful and cultural display.

Elizabeth Trevino works for Lone Star Parade floats, a float-making company out of Dallas. Trevino runs the show from San Antonio, watching over the floats year round.

"I would say, from concept to finish, it probably takes a couple of months," Trevino said.

She added that they each start with a drawing, then she and the rest of the crew bring the floats to life with three main ingredients: floral sheeting, fringe, and festooning.

Trevino also noted that they use lots of glitter. One of the Styrofoam sharks on the Great Barrier Reef float weighs about 75 pounds and required three pounds of glitter.

Under the extravagant details is a trailer and a latch, which hooks to the front of the float where the driver takes a front seat.

Trevino said that the floats are safe.

"They are going to be going at a slow rate of speed,” she said. “The kids will be holding on to something, so they will not fall off. But it's very very safe to be on the float.”

It all makes for a festive and cultural fiesta parade.