Thursday kicked off the first official day of Fiesta 2017. While San Antonio natives are used to the craziness that is fiesta time in our city, it can be quite the experience for first-timers.

KENS 5 reporter Andrea Martinez is experiencing her first Fiesta ever in 2017.

The celebration was held at Hemisfair Park because record attendance was expected this year. It featured live entertainment and larger-than-life, funky Fiesta hats.

In the shade of the Tower of the Americas, a wider, roomier Pin Pandemonium isle was a hit with medal collectors.

"There are a lot more people trading, a lot more booths, much better, much more open atmosphere. I really like this venue better," one Pandemonium goer said.

Meanwhile, at the Alamodome, the carnival was another favorite, featuring fun rides and even better food!

We asked Fiesta attendees what some must-try Fiesta traditions are for a first timer. Aside from collecting medals, chicken on a stick was the No. 1 answer.

Former Spurs player Keith Edmonson gave us some advice too.

"Get out to as many events as possible," Edmonson said.

The night ended at Fiesta Fiesta with a fireworks show, topping off the first night of what should be the biggest and greatest Fiesta yet.