Each year during Fiesta, avid medal collectors get serious, hunting for the most popular Fiesta medals.

KENS 5 went to find out which one has the most attention this year.

"Every year we have to up our game. I mean, anyone who's in the medal business will know that," said Mari Morales, director of retail for the Fiesta San Antonio Commission.

More and more medals are handed out each year during Fiesta.

"When we first started, we did this by hand. Now, we're using the machine so we can do up to 1,000 medals an hour," said Charlie Drago, owner of Monarch Trophy Studio.

If you've noticed, Fiesta 2017 medals are a bit more extravagant, too.

"So one of the things we're seeing this year is lots of dingles," Drago said. "Another big thing is Fiesta medals are getting bigger and bigger, and lots of spinners. It's like everybody is looking at what they can do better than the next person.”

More and more people are also purchasing their own, personal medals. Even dogs join in for Fiesta! This year, you'll also notice some Fiesta firsts.

"This year, we have the first scratch n' sniff medal," Morales noted. "It's representing the carnival and it has cotton candy on it, so when you scratch the cotton candy on there, it's gonna smell like cotton candy!"

The Fiesta Flambeau Parade also released Fiesta's first medal with LED lights.

Aside from this year's trends, KENS 5 had to know what the most popular Fiesta medal is in San Antonio. According to Morales, the most popular medal is always the commission's official poster medal.

"It changes every year because it's derived from the poster, so we always try to make it not an exact image of the poster, but we take pieces from it and come up with this unique medal," Morales said.

The parade organizations’ medals are also hot items.

"The Flambeau, Battle of Flowers, Texas Cavalier medals are always very popular," Morales said.

If you're still planning to order a Fiesta medal, and you need some in a hurry, Monarch Trophy Studio is still making "in-house" Fiesta medals, where you can order and receive the medals in a couple of days.

For more information, call 210-344-3777 or just visit their official website here. You can also e-mail orders to sales@MTSAwards.com.