We are less than a week now from Fiesta but official Fiesta events have already begun, including the Mr. Teen 2017 Awards Banquet tonight.

"It's a way to recognize our kids for doing great in and outside of the classroom," said Claudette Cochran-Lewis who started the Cherice Cochran Mentoring For Success Foundation in honor of her daughter Cherice who passed away from meningitis in 2001.

"Instead of dwelling on her death we turned tragedy into something great for the kids, so we decided to create the foundation as her legacy," Cochran-Lewis said.

Tonight's event was attended by Rey Feo himself and featured four 2017 Amazing Teen Icons. One of them, Mr. Teen San Antonio, each of whom get a $500 scholarship.

"I'm a mentor for little kids to show what the right thing is to do for the year for the next generation to come," AJ Gonzales said.

He and the other teen icons each get a sash and a crown and Fiesta responsibilities.

"I have to go to certain events and parades and all that so that's kind of exciting for this year," Gonzales said.

Not only were teenagers awarded scholarships tonight but Little Princesses who went through the “Fit For a Princess” self-esteem building Fiesta event were coronated with their very own tiaras. Cochran-Lewis said, "Unlike the glamor pageants for the kids who have big hair, makeup, and fancy dresses and one child gets to have a crown on her head, this way 32 little girls that graduated get a sash and crown."

Miss Bexar County Amazing Princess Gabrielle is one of them, who even has her own platform. "Being kind to animals," she said. She also told us her best part about being a princess was doing the wave.

Another princess named Nikia had big dreams like many of the princess. She told us, "I want to be the president because so I can make laws."

Big dreams, for a little princess.