SAN ANTONIO - There's always one dish a loved one, family member or friend makes that has the potential for profit.

Egg rolls became the famous fare for Diane Edwards and they were good enough to launch a business called Twisted Tradition.

"I've been making this egg rolls forever," Edwards said. "We make them on Christmas day, Thanksgiving, whenever the kids come around I make a great big of egg rolls."

The 57-year-old's version of egg rolls aren't exactly on the menu at your local Asian restaurant. Her's lean toward "twisted." Edwards said their mission is to put a modern twist on traditional food.

"My passion for food is mostly traditional food...mostly the food people would serve on their dinner tables on a random Wednesday night," she said.

Edwards and niece Jennifer Cave started pushing the egg rolls at festival more than a year ago.

"We were selling so many of them everybody kept asking do you have a food truck," she said. " So, we decided to go ahead and get a food truck."

In November 2016, they bought a truck nicknamed "Roxanne" and expanded their menu. Inside of the truck, you'll find German, American, Italian and Asian food.

Edwards grabbed family recipes from her mother and grandmother to make the German food. The self-proclaimed Army brat and traveler learned how to cook Italian. The Asian factor came from Cave's mother who lived in Okinawa, Japan. The American? Well, that's part was a part of their upbringing too.

"The recipes that I got from mom and grandmother we put it on rolls and make sandwiches of it and stuff,"' Edwards said.

Their menu includes unusual items like a truffle macaroni and cheese topped with flaming hot Cheetos. Or you might like their Korean street tacos?

Neighborhood Eats dug into a Twisted Tradition's bolognese (Customers can order this with meatballs on a bun too). It's beef in red wine and bacon sauce over freshly made fettuccine, parsley, and parmesan cheese. Que Rico!

Edwards served us a German Roladen: Beef top round stuffed with Dijon mustard, diced onions, and bacon simmered in a rich gravy on a grilled bun. We forgot to mention the Swiss cheese and fried onion strings atop of the sandwich. It was paired with their Napa garlic fries. Que Rico! Que Rico! Que Rico!

Then, the egg rolls happened.

First, we had two sizable stuffed with mac & cheese and brisket egg rolls drizzled with BBQ sauce. Wonderful!

Finally, Edwards' traditional egg roll with ground pork with cabbage, carrots, fresh garlic, ginger, sesame seeds and Siracha sauce. Fantastic!

You'll have to check Twisted Traditions on social media for their location. Find them and enjoy a splash of difference.

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