SAN ANTONIO - The wheels fell off of Emilio and Christi Soliz's barbecue food truck two years ago, figuratively speaking.

That's when Sweet Christi's BBQ became King's Hwy Brew & Q.

The truck was named after his wife and the new place at 1012 North Flores Street takes on a more historical designation.

"We wanted to tie in with the area around here. The 5 Points area," Emilio said.

The chef turned Pitmaster said the name reflects the five original cattle trails that intersected at 5 Points.

"North Flores was known as El Camino Real which is known as King's Highway," Emilio said. "It was the entrance way into San Antonio back in the day."

There may be a double entendre if you count his love for Elvis Presley. The challenges to making a brick and mortar restaurant live may have been king sized too.

The couple has four children ages eight, six, four, and three. The youngest, Roscoe, was born on the day they launched their food truck. and that day, his wife, a former USAA employee, sent Emilio back to the grill.

"She was like get the hell out of here. I'll be here. Come back in a while," Christi said.

Their determination to make King's Hwy Brew & Q a success has garnered them attention from notable food critics and barbecue aficionados.

"It's Mexican barbecue, at the heart of what it is," Emilio said. "It's more San Antonio-style Barbecue than traditional Texas-style barbecue."

The meats are the normal fare for a BBQ joint: Brisket, king ribs, turkey, pulled pork, smoked pork belly and chopped beef. He said the secret is love.

"You know it's true. The more love you put into it the finer the food is going to be,"' Emilio said.

Emilio also plays music like Al Green, MaDonna of the 80s, Otis Redding and, of course, Elvis Presley for their popular brisket.

Yep, the meat gets a groove and serenade. "Kentucky Rain" is his favorite from King to play for his smoked meat.

Neighborhood Eats wanted to find out if the food was worth singing about, so Emilio and Christi set us up for a taste test.

We started with the 18-hour oak smoked brisket. It's nearly tender to the touch and flavorful. Que Rico!

Next, we tried their sweet tea glazed ribs. Oh, how sweet it is! Que Rico!

Customers crave their smoked pork belly street tacos with cilantro, onions and freshly made tomatillo salsa on corn tortillas. Delicious!

Finally, we finished with their sizable torta filled with smoked brisket, avocado, tomatillo salsa and the trimmings. It's a good Mexican barbecue sandwich!

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