SAN ANTONIO - Juancarlos White left the oil fields just in time to cash in on corn. He and his wife never predicted the kernels would shuck out such success. Things are going so well they are expanding El Capricho to two locations.

"I was in the oil fields doing a lot of hours. I figured, 'why not work those hours for myself?'" he said. "I went ahead and opened a food truck."

White's brother and wife came up with the name El Capricho. He said its translation varies from region to region. For them, it means what you fancy or desire.

The fancied fare: Mexican snacks.

El Capricho serves everything from "Capriconchas" to Flaming hot Cheetos dripping in cheese. Their signature dish is corn in a cup. Everything is priced under $6.

The Laredo native said he, his wife and one stuffed tasting crew buckled down until they found the right combination.

He had a blueprint from making corn in the cup at a former job. The Whites wanted their own recipe.

"I went through about 80 types of ingredients, different types of combinations until I had the taste that I wanted," he said.

The desire for their food is, apparently, catching on. The husband and father has been in business for almost three years. His food truck is parked right outside of the H-E-B Plus at 10718 Potranco Rd.

In June, he's expanding to a second location near UTSA. They plan to expand their menu at the new location.

Neighborhood Eats sat down for a sample of El Capricho's snacks starting with Frito pie.

White uses his mother's homemade chili recipe, nacho cheese and, of course, corn chips. Que Rico!

Next, he served us their version of "Tostilocos" with Mexican crema, red and green salsa, queso fresco and chile. Stir. Eat. Enjoy!

Last on the sampler was his famed corn in a cup made with yellow corn, butter, Mexican crema, mayo, queso fresco and chile. Que Rico!

That's this week's edition of Neighborhood Eats. If you have a restaurant or food truck suggestion for Marvin send him an email (, tweet (@mhurstkens) or post it to the KENS 5 Facebook page. #KENS5EATS.