SAN ANTONIO - The men behind 2M Smokehouse and Catering put the essence of success on a grill. For the two high school friends who own the business, the journey started as a smoked filled dream over a barbecue pit.

"It went from cooking in the backyard to going to and cooking over there," Esaul Ramos said. "Coming back telling Joe c'mon man let's do what we said we were going to do."

Ramos and Joe Melig said they pulled together pennies to launch their barbecue business. But that didn't mean it would come easy.

The first-time business owners wanted a brick and mortar building. No one wanted to take a chance on risky clients so they searched for a possible space on Craigslist.

They found an affordable place located at 2731 S W.W. White Road on the website.

"The landlord was willing to give us a shot," Melig said."We told him what we wanted to do. He was supportive of it."

The duo named the business after their grandparents: Ignacio Marquez and Joe Melig Jr. It stands as the inspiration.

"We don't come from wealth. We don't come from riches," Melig said. "We're just two guys that had a dream, had a work ethic and had a desire to make something from nothing."

They are so committed to smoking their meat correctly the two stay on the property most of the week. they even have a bed and flat screen television by the pit.

Their barbecue is described as a traditional Central Texas-styled barbecue with an edge of Tex-Mex.

Call it what you might but the food has people lining up before the restaurant can open its doors Thursday through Sunday. The meat is sold by the pound.

"Brisket, pork ribs, pulled pork, turkey breast and our homemade sausages. We have two (Made with Oaxaca cheese)," Ramos said.

Sides at 2M Smokehouse include buttermilk potato salad, coleslaw, boracaho beans as well as their famed macaroni and cheese topped with pork rinds.

Neighborhood Eats was provided with a hefty platter of samples starting with their post oak smoked brisket: Que Rico!

Next, 2M's beautifully glazed ribs. In a word: Delicious.

The guys also make their own all pork homemade sausage with Serrano and Oaxaca cheese.

Customers are really funny about ordering smoked turkey at barbecue establishments. Neighborhood Eats has no issue with asking for the gobbler dipped in butter at this place. Que Rico!

The buttermilk potato salad and boraccho beans were fine. Claiming the king of the sides throne is their Chicharoni Macaroni: Cheese, pasta and pork rinds. Don't judge until you indulge. Que Rico!

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