SAN ANTONIO - A taste of Gulf Coast food with Cajun spices has made it to 8910 Bandera Road.

Open for only two months, Smashin Crab is already creating a mouthwatering buzz.

Business partners Paul Griffith, Jamal Pratt, Dan and Autum Perry-Sevilla started giving birth to the seafood restaurant last year.

"So the concept was to have just a neighborhood spot where everyone feels welcome," Autum said. " They walk in and feel like they are at home."

The goal was to make the place super casual right down to the tables covered in butcher's paper.

"No one is coming in expecting fine champagne---crystal glass," Autum said. "We're just down home, get dirty roll your sleeves up and get some."

They even have a sink in the corner to wash off all the crab, shrimp and crawfish boil juices. Most of the dishes on the menu come in a plastic bag. This isn't exactly that plated affair eatery which adds to the level of comfort.

Don't know how to break the crab down? Don't worry their staff will assist.

"We boil your seafood in our secret Cajun seasoning," Autum said.

It is such a secret they wouldn't give us a peek inside of their kitchen.

"We really take a cue from the traditional eating of the Gulf Coast," Autum said. "Crawfish, blue crab---favorites that have been feasted upon for generations."

Neighborhood Eats got an opportunity to feast on items from their menu. First, a Texas-sized appetizer: Fried oyster. Delicious!

Of course, raw oysters are available as well. The show-stopping oyster is the chargrilled oysters with toasted bread. This recipe harnesses the right amount of everything. Take a dip of bread in the butter sauce for me, please. Que Rico!

The gumbo isn't overly done. It's a good choice.

Done just right is the shrimp boil: Shrimp, garlic, citrus, peppers, Cajun spices, corn on the cob, potatoes, and sausage (Not Andouille) in a butter sauce. Que Rico!

The snow crab legs and the Dungeness crab (Flown in from the west coast) are just as delicious.

They finished Neighborhood Eats off with a dressed down catfish po' boy. Que Rico!

Autum said the menu is priced under $30. They wanted to make the seafood experience affordable.

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