BOERNE - Zak Disch has the perfect name for a restaurant owner. Pronounced 'Dish,' the 29-year-old Ohioan came to Boerne with a dish or two to serve in the Hill Country.

"My brother got me a job when I was 16-years-old at a wooded fire pizza place. Just fell in love with it and been doing it ever since," Zak said.

Zak and wife Jodi rolled out a food trailer in Boerne in December of 2013. Four years, two kids and a gaggle of happy customers later, Z's Wood Fired Pizza set up shop at 118 Old San Antonio Road.

"It's pretty relaxed here," Jodi said. "Casual, cozy comfort."

Their brick and mortar opened on Valentine's Day. The former coffeehouse gets its name from their daughter Zadi. She is the 'Z' in Z's pizza. Customers might argue Zak's touch on the gourmet pizzas gave them the zing in the name.

"We say gourmet but we're here to please," Jodi said.

The Disches don't limit themselves to the 12 specialty pizzas on the menu. No, that would be way too boring for these self-proclaimed food snobs. The desire for quality ingredients is passed on to their customers.

"We're always doing something, something special...something crazy," Zak said.

According to the restaurant owner, they've done pizza with lobster, Cajun pizza, sauerkraut pizza and even pizza with borracho beans and guacamole on it.

The wooded fire experience gives the pizza a hint of smoke and a delectable amount of moisture. Flames crackle at 700 degrees to cook eight, 12 and 14-inch pizzas.

Z's can sit nearly 70 customers on the inside in its rustic chic walls. Some of the tables and the bar are made from storm recovered Cypress.

There's also a play area for kids.

Neighborhood Eats got a huge sampler from Hill Country pizzeria starting with the brisket pizza. It's a new creation with smoked brisket from a friends food truck, barbecue sauce, house made pickles and onions served with a side of potato salad. ¡Qué Rico!

Their take on a classic margarita pizza is great too.

The Juliana is a customer favorite with olive oil, garlic sauce, prosciutto, goat and mozzarella cheeses, topped fresh arugula a lemon vinaigrette and fresh parmesan cheese. ¡Qué Rico!

The caprese salad was good too. Z's finished the meal off with homemade double chocolate cake.

Neighborhood Eats was pleasantly surprised that a man from Delaware, Ohio has brought such a treat to our #PerfectPizzaTour.

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