SAN ANTONIO - One part passion, two parts friendship, a huge scoop of culinary research and divine intervention by God make up the ingredients for the success of Mia Marco's Pizza.

Derek Sanchez and Joey Hernandez are college buddies turned business partners.

The two cultivated a quintessential idea from the collegiate budget into a business.

"We were in college and were like hey what do you think about opening up a pizzeria one?" Hernandez recalled. "Ah yeah, that's pretty awesome."

Fast forward to 2007, Sanchez went on a quest from Marfa, Texas to New York City trying to find out how to make the perfect pizza. The results were supposed to be for leisure cooking.

"I wasn't interested in opening a business in pizza until we started making this awesome pizza at home," He said. "Then, we're feeding 20 to 30 people at my house."

Sanchez kept making pizza until wife, Magaly, said he needed to move the budding business out of their home.

The doctor of physical therapy and evidence medicine put his obsession with pizza pie into a food truck. He and Hernandez were in business.

The demand for their product has not wavered and neither did the desire to supply the best pizza south Texas could eat.

"I've tested hundreds of cheeses. Olive oil? We've been through, at least, 50 to 60 different kinds of olive oil," He said. "It's a labor of love."

The pizzeria on wheels makes their dough 72 hours and even up to five days before putting a lather of sauce on it.

Sanchez's daughter and son are the namesakes for the business. Mia is three-years-old and Marco is five-years-old. The business is roughly two and half-years-old.

The food truck is most frequently in Cibolo at 5016 FM 1518. Thursday nights you'll find them parked at the Old Main Icehouse in downtown Cibolo.

Customers can be caught in line for more than an hour. Yep, it's like that!

"It puts a smile on my face when people take their first bite and are like whoa!" Hernandez said.

Painted on the side of their food truck is the business owners spiritual mantra, scripture and verse: John 14:6.

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

Below the scripture, it says "As for me and my pizzeria we will serve the Lord."

Neighborhood Eats wanted a taste of the fruit of their labor. Mia Marco's Pizza decided to thrill our taste buds with a trinity of pizza.

First, Hotta Soppressata: Venetian spicy salami, mozzarella cheese, provolone stagianato, basil pizza infused with hot honey. Que Rico!

The Mag-a-Rita combines the names of Sanchez's mother and wife. It also encompasses the colors of Italy on a pizza. The sauce is made from fresh Italian tomatoes, cheese, and organic basil. Delicious!

Finally, Neighborhood Eats tried the Johnny Arena named after Sanchez's pizza mentor. The pizza boasts organic red bell peppers, cheese, cup and char pepperoni, organic basil---all covered in honey. Que Rico!

Mia Marcos Pizza is award winning. The business was ranked 12th in traditional pizza pie. They are competing now to raise their standing.

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