SAN ANTONIO - The family business keeps expanding for Adib and Mireille Nader. Their two pizza joints have given birth to a new venture all about reaching your sweet tooth.

"We own a pizza place next door. So we thought we may as well incorporate another Italian aspect," Celine Nader said.

Mamma Dolce gelato, coffee and sweets opened about a week ago at 5252 Fredericksburg Rd. It's next to Ray's Pizzaria. Adib also owns Ray's on Walzem Road.

Ray is a name he and his brothers created for their five pizza joints city-wide. Mamma Dolce translating as 'mama's sweetness' is dedicated to his wife.

According to the family's daughter Celine, their lineage stretches back to Lebanon. Adib moved to Virginia where he owned his own pizza and sub business before moving his family to the United States. They moved to San Antonio after that.

"They come in different flavors," Celine said. "We have 20 flavors, and we have sorbets too."

The gelato in their new expansion is touted as authentic Italian gelato. That isn't the only sweet side of Mamma Dolce. It boasts shelves of cheesecakes, eclairs, cookies and even a section from their Arabic heritage.

"We have different types of Sfouf, baklava and mamoul," said Celine.

Neighborhood Eats needed the real scoop on Mamma Dolce. They provided a hefty amount of decadent desserts for us to sample starting with a waffle cone filled with pistachio and birthday cake gelato. Wonderful!

The next treat was a strawberry gelato, with fresh berries and all, atop of a buttered pecan gelato. It is fantastic!

The banana-based Dolce De Leche was our fabulously final sample of gelato.

Mamma Dolce upped the ante on our sugar high with barazik, ghooribeh, a birdnest and a stick of baklava. Delicious!

They saved the best for last! It's a large slice of chocolate cake with slivers of heaven called the chocolate eruption. ¡Qué Rico!

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