SAN ANTONIO - The comfort of coffee became a business for Ale and Sergio Rodriguez.

"Coffee seems to be a passion that we kinda share," Ale said. "So why don't we try to do our own coffee business and go from there."

The idea came to them twofold. Ale's friend who owned a coffee shop showed her the joy, science, and art behind making good gourmet coffee. Sergio had worked as a barista.

The brother and sister team opened Makota Coffee in February.

According to them, Makoto is Japanese for sincerity and truth. They hope to bring that definition to their product.

"This is gourmet coffee," She said. "We actually have Colombian coffee beans. The are all natural single origin."

Coffee wasn't enough since 27-year-old Sergio has a passion for baking. He starts at 5 a.m. each morning to work with the dough he made the night before.

Bagels first. Kolaches next.

"I do my savories first because that just takes a long time," he said. "I do the sweets at the end. I usually do my jams the night before ."

Makota Coffee rolls are generally found near office parks and shopping plazas. Neighborhood Eats tracked them down for a cup of joe and pastries.

They served us their peach kolache, klobasnek (often confused as a kolache) and their water bagel. All were pretty good.

We couldn't leave without tasting the signature strawberry mocha. Our iced version, certainly, got the day off to a percolating start.

Unlike most food trucks, Makoto Coffee is on the road and in place for service by 7:30 a.m. Now that's coffee on the go!

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