Opening Loop 107 Burgers, Bakery & More was a creative project seasoned with a little craziness. Who's measuring lunacy when you're opening a restaurant inside of a mobile home?

Trina Hayes-Davis said everything fell into place. She and her brother opened the business on her father's land in Adkins. Then, a neighbor donated the most unique part of the project: a mobile home.

"Everybody was like, 'Are you serious? In a mobile home?'" Hayes-Davis recalled. "Are you going to have enough space? Is it going to be sturdy enough?"

The family-owned business allows its success to answer all of the questions these days. They gutted the mobile and outfitted it as an eatery. It opened at 11505 Loop 107 with four tables.

"Kinda spur of the moment. Kinda not well thought out at first," she said. "But we've been here for eight years so it kinda worked out."

Loop 107 has more tables and more space. They also have nearly 40 items on the menu.

"We do burgers, soups, salads," Hayes-Davis said. " We are known for our onion rings. We are known for our fried pies."

Closely guarded recipes handed down, at least, four generations are the foundation from which they cook. Only Hayes-Davis and brother Telly have access to the ingredients at Loop 107 to prepare the homemade dishes.

"We are definitely very protective or our recipes," she said.

This is not a fast food joint. Loop 107 food is cooked upon ordering.

Neighborhood Eats got a sampler starting with the chicken fried chicken, green beans, macaroni and cheese (five kinds of cheese in a Bechamel sauce) and a homemade roll baked in a tiny clay flower pot. Delicious!

Next, they served their popular double-wide southwestern burger: double beef patties, Swiss cheese, homemade chipotle sauce, avocados, and jalapenos. Que Rico!

What's a double meat burger without their acclaimed shoestring onion rings? It's missing a savory well-thought out departure from chunky onion rings.

"They melt in your mouth," she said.

For dessert, Neighborhood Eats got a taste of their fried pies. Investors and customers have tried to pay for the recipe for the crust. Patrons order the fried pies before their meal to make sure the restaurant doesn't run out of the pastries.

They can make the pies with everything from coconut to chicken pot pie inside. We tried the apple as well as the fresh blueberry and cream cheese. Magnificent!

The owners don't plan to expand to other locations. They are happy in their corner of Bexar County where customers from as far away as California stop by for a meal under $20. The most expensive item is the Quad...a burger with four patties. Neighborhood eats just couldn't see that one on a plate.

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