SAN ANTONIO - Florio's Pizza is in San Antonio but it was actually born in New Jersey. The location is the successful second coming of a family dream.

"It was funny the way it started. We were in the trucking business in New Jersey," Steve Florio said. "My dad was a cook in the Army and he always wanted to own a restaurant."

Florio said his father bought a deli a town over from where they lived in Jersey. It was called Florio's Talk of the Town. According to him, they knew nothing about running a restaurant. A family friend directed their path to pizza and helped them turn dough into dough!

"The crust is an old recipe from back in the 50s in New York City 13 St and 1st Ave," Florio said.

Their saucy spot was open from 1980 to 1989, then Florio's got a request to move the business to San Antonio.

"We came down here in 1990. My brother talked us into coming down here," Florio said. "My brother said you got to bring that pizza to Texas. There's no competition for it."

Florio's Pizza opened its doors near James Madison High School on Stahl Road for a year. They moved to Nacogdoches Road for the next three years.

A customer who is a businesswoman told them to move to their current location at 7701 Broadway Street. The rest of the story is anything but pie in the sky.

"Our menu is very basic: Pizza, subs and salads," Florio said.

Florio's pizzas range from $9 to $25, but it truly depends on what you want. The restaurant serves classic NYC cheese pizza, the Florio's special (loaded with toppings), the customer-preferred cold Italian hero and hot subs like mama's meatball parmesan.

The restaurant is open Tuesday to Saturday.

"I was a truck driver. I didn't know anything about pizza," Florio said. "I do now."

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