NEW BRAUNFELS - Krause's Cafe and Biergarten is a part of the New Braunfels experience. The space is huge. The environment is fun and the food is hardly shabby.

"The Krause's was here from the 1940s to the late 2000s," Jeremy Rader said. "They spend 60 years serving New Braunfels a great meal. A great place to go and socialize."

Rader who helps run the new Krause's Cafe said the former owners moved to their current location at 148 South Castell Avenue. It was a good move for more than business reasons. The other location caught on fire.

"The original Krause's started out as a lunch counter and then it just blossomed into something larger," Rader said. "breakfast, lunch dinner. It had a beer garden in the back."

The landmark eatery still has most of its historic touches in place. But the new touches don't go unnoticed like the flags hanging in honor of the founding families of New Braunfels.

"It's a place where everyone can get something they're looking for," Rader said.

The menu is heavily German. It also boasts a Texas flair. Neighborhood Eats brought along Dr. John Flanagan as a guest taste tester on our 'Fantastic Fan Tour.'

Flanagan worked with the New Braunfels Fire Department for 34 years until retiring this year. He still does emergency responder work in Canyon Lake. The neighborhood had never dined with anyone who points out the muscles of the entree meat. Hey, he's a retired servant of the community. We can do this!

Krause's started us off with a Charcuterie Board: Fine meats like prosciutto, Peruvian peppers, cheese, fruit and a grilled baguette. Flanagan and I like it!

Flanagan was tasked with taking on their fresh sausage sampler with cheese too. The doctor approved.

His plate did not run empty. Next, he sampled the pork schnitzel covered in mushroom gravy with mashed potatoes and a side of red cabbage. "Fantastic," Flanagan said.

Neighborhood Eats kept Flanagan busy with the Schweineshaxe. It's braised pork shank. The meat comes with a cheese potato cake, kale, and leeks. Delicious!

The Munich platter is a monster! This is definitely a platter for two or one majorly hungry patrons: A pork shank stands atop of mashed potatoes, next to chicken schnitzel, red cabbage, sauerkraut, assorted sausage, crisp pork belly and a reduction on the side. ¡Qué Rico!

Neighborhood Eats can be downright selfish when it comes to desserts. The Krause's Cafe visit was no exception. Sugar and cinnamon heaven reside in their deep-fried cinnamon roll. Yes, it does!

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