SAN ANTONIO - Neighborhood Eats is an absolutely delicious assignment. It's worth every chew, every mile driven and every resource put into this segment.

Two years ago, KENS 5 Executive News Director Jack Acosta (The boss man) said I've got a franchise that has you written all over it. He said it involves food. Simply tell the stories behind locally owned restaurants and tasting their food for our viewers.

"Ok. But I'm a journalist," I said. "I want to have fun but not look like the village idiot."

"You won't," he said.

I agreed to take on the task with no template in place. Through a little trial and error in the final product, news photographer Gene De La Cruz and I found a formula.

The formula doesn't mean anything without our viewers who follow our food adventures. No matter where I go, people are always asking me about eating all that food and how I don't pick up weight.

Neighborhood Eats tries to profile a variety of cuisines: vegan, juice bars, burgers, BBQ, Japanese, Tex-Mex, authentic Mexican, seafood, Mediterranean, soul food and even stadium food.

By the time I'm done tasting the food, I'm pretty full but there's always room for later, right?

Keeping off the weight has required better eating habits for the six other days of the week. It also meant calling on training professional Kyle Davis who keeps me in check too.

My food reviews are, generally, good to excellent. There is no "show" for the camera. Everything is organic. My reactions always tell the real story of the food sample. That's why I wanted to share some of my outtakes and bloopers with you.

The true treasure of Neighborhood Eats is bringing viewers to the table at various businesses. I see this as "the" concrete universal element where sharing and connecting are a part of the atmosphere.

Food strikes palatable curiosity and comforts cravings. Food nourishes the moments of our lives. For us to bring you the narrative behind South Texas restaurants is honor served on a plate.

Your suggestions put the neighborhood in Neighborhood Eats. Please keep sending them to my email (, Twitter account (@Mhurstkens5) or the KENS 5 Facebook page. #KENS5EATS