When people think of San Antonio tourism, they automatically think of the Alamo and the Riverwalk, but some local chefs are working to turn San Antonio tacos into a destination all on their own.

"They have the bourbon trail, they have the Texas wine trail, well San Antonio is going to have a taco trail," Chef Johnny Hernandez said.

Hernandez is part of the San Antonio Culinary Task Force. Hernandez and other members of the task force have been working on the taco trail concept for the past year.

"Right now we're categorizing all the tacos, whether they're seafood tacos, beef, pork, barbacoa, corn, flour, you name it," Hernandez said.

Chef Hernandez says there might actually be several trails, based on geography or what kind of taco you want to eat.

"We're going to assemble them as a trail, so if you want to do a taco trail to the north, to the south, to the west to the east,” Hernandez noted.

He hopes that the taco trail becomes so popular, people book trips to our city just to eat.

The San Antonio Convention and Visitor's Bureau is not involved in the creation of the taco trails, says Director of Communication Richard Oliver, but he did say that food tourism is already a big draw for visitors.

"When people think of San Antonio, they still, of course, think of Tex-Mex, and the Mi Tierra's of the world. But now they're finding out San Antonio has one of only three Culinary Institutes of America," Oliver said. "People say this is a destination that is investing in the culinary scene.

The city's official tourism website already features foodie tours.

"We find different age groups, we'll say millennials, they want to go some place and they want to have that great, authentic dining experience," Oliver explained.

The Convention and Visitor’s Bureau is working on its first dollar figure on how much tourists spend on food while they’re in San Antonio.

There are about 32 million visitors to San Antonio every year.