The shocking footage of this man driving into a sinkhole in China could finally be the thing you needed to see so that you stop checking your phone while you drive.

CCTV captured the sudden opening of a six-feet deep, 32-feet wide hole on a Chinese street. Moments later a man in a scooter is seen looking at his phone as he drives straight into the sinkhole.

The driver reportedly said that he didn’t see the hole. But hey, we guess that’s what happens when you have your eyes glued to your smartphone.

Chinese reports say that the unlucky driver was not seriously injured and managed to climb out of the pit.

The reason the road collapsed is unclear, but Mashable reports that it seems to happen more often in China, where extensive roadwork shifts the soil underneath the asphalt.

In any case, we sure hope this serves as a lesson not to text and drive. At least we know this man won’t.