“You’re not like the others!”

San Antonio native Sue Calberg said this is the comment she hears most often as she meets new friends on her storytelling travels for KENS 5.

Since 1980, Sue has been seeking out the overlooked and unusual in south Texas and sharing these important

stories in a homespun way.

When a gunman tried and failed to kill the spirit of Wilson County during a mass shooting incident, Sue was in Sutherland Springs while ambulances were still treating the wounded. In the long, hard days that followed, Sue continued to share the stories of good overcoming evil by talking with those fighting to recover and thrive.

Two of Sue's most rewarding major stories are extensive coverage of the devastating floods of October 1998 and winning a national Bronze Medallion for public service from the Society of Professional Journalists for an investigative piece on mysterious health issues in rural south Texas.

As a photographer, producer, assignment desk manager and now a reporter, Sue uses the capital in her bank of experience to seek out stories that matter. Sue enjoys giving ordinary folks a chance to be heard.

Sue has raised two kids here, volunteered with many community-building projects and is a passionate advocate for Salado Creek, Bexar County’s last, best wild waterway, which flows through her backyard.